Szczecin Shipyard

Szczecin Shipyard “Nowa” is a production shipyard in Szczecin now undergoing the process of liquidation. It is one of the biggest shipyards in Europe and it was set up in 2002 as a replacement of a bankrupt company, Szczecin Shipyard Porta Holding S.A. Porta Holding S.A. had been established on the remnants of the Adolf Warski Shipyard. Before the WWII a German company, Stettiner Oderwerke operated here.
Szczecin Shipyard “Nowa” specialized in constructing container ships, chemical cargo carriers, utility ships and ConRo type ones. It holds a ISO9001 certificate, which stands for quality management. In November 2008, the European Commission declared the help supplied for the shipyard by the Polish Government as violating free-competition principles. Thus Gdynia and Szczecin shipyards were forced to return all the financial means they had received for the Polish state. In March 2009, in accordance with so-called Special Purpose Shipyard Act, the compensation process of Szczecin Shipyard “Nowa” began, which, in result, means complete liquidation through selling shipyard's property via a unlimited tender and sacking all the employees.
The money coming from the selling will be given to Shipyard's creditors, both private and public. The future of the estate is unknown. There might another shipyard be built over there, however, there are no guarantees of this whatsoever. Because of the tender's unlimited character, various enterprise not connected with ship-building or maritime industry might appear there. The Shipyard provided employment for nearly 4,500 people. In December 2009, there were less than 200 persons employed. In the times of the Szczecin Shipyard “Nowa's” predecessors' greatest productivity, it had about 12,000 workers.

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