„Veterans” (2005-2007) – a photo story about a group of people who spent their youth during WWII and live in Szczecin; one of the biggest cities in Poland. Life images of people who are at least eighty years old today, and have suffered the consequences of war and enslavement. Ailing and elderly today, “Heroes of our freedom” at that time.  What do they mean to a society which treats old age as a burden? To a society which neither  tolerates nor respects this state of human existence? How do we harmonize with a worldly attitude where passion and sentiment conflict with inactivity and powerlessness and is influenced by post-war communism? What can an old man offer to the younger generations except the history of their youth? If that is all, what will be the social status of generation of people approaching old age in next twenty/thirty years?

This photo story is not a portrait of human heroism, nor a judgment of anyone. I have met on my way, both the heroes and the deserters, the people who had lost everything, as well as people who had lived through the war without major personal loss. “Veterans” is a personal portrayal of a group of people, whose faces reflect the tragedy of war and whose values may be lost to future generations.

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