Konrad Wesołowski


(2011) - few stills from Minsk, capital city of Belarus.

"Chernobyl" (2010) - a photo story about Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

"Szczecin Shipyard"
(2009) - a photo story about bancrupt Szczecin Shipyard "Nowa", one of the biggest european shipyards.

"Ireland" (2007-2008) - a photographic record of my stay in Ireland.

"Veterans" (2005-2007) – a photo story about a group of people who spent their youth during WWII and live in Szczecin; one of the biggest cities in Poland. Life images of people who are at least eighty years old today, and have suffered the consequences of war and enslavement.

"Sz-n 2003-.." -  started in 2003  but  still it has been being updated. It contains pictures of Szczecin; my hometown and one of the largest cities in Poland.

"Reno, Nv" (2004) has been made in Reno, Nevada State,  the second largest (after Las Vegas) gambling centre in  USA.  

"Holiday onboard: Caribbean Adventure" *
(2006) -  the story about an entertainment on Caribbean islands, the places where people spend their holiday and the others suffer from illness and poverty at the same time. Same places, same time. Different needs.

*  "Holiday onboard: Caribbean Adventure" is an official name of two weeks holiday on the cruise ship of leading cruising company.

"Junk box"
  - Single pictures compilation.

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